11 - Bryan Adams


Bryan Adams

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-05-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2008 Badman Limited


Title Artist Time
Tonight We Have the Stars Bryan Adams 4:06 USD 0.99
I Thought I'd Seen Everything Bryan Adams 5:06 USD 0.99
I Ain't Losin' the Fight Bryan Adams 3:56 USD 0.99
Oxygen Bryan Adams 3:35 USD 0.99
We Found What We Were Looking Bryan Adams 3:37 USD 0.99
Broken Wings Bryan Adams 3:36 USD 0.99
Somethin' to Believe In Bryan Adams 4:00 USD 0.99
Mysterious Ways Bryan Adams 4:28 USD 0.99
She's Got a Way Bryan Adams 4:41 USD 0.99
Flower Grown Wild Bryan Adams 3:53 USD 0.99
Walk On By Bryan Adams 2:54 USD 0.99


  • Yet Another Solid Effort

    By Redcraft1
    3,4,6,7 & 9 are my favorites from this album, but there isn't one song from it that I dislike. My first BA album was "On A Day Like Today", so I kind of started off with one of his lesser know works. Then I went to the upbeat, high energy "Waking Up The Neighbors" album. After loving both of those (plus individual songs like "Heaven" "Summer Of '69") I decided to buy both "11" and "Cuts Like A Knife". This album has the perfect mixture of energy and relaxation. Some people said that he wasn't singing with conviction in some of these songs. Nonsense! I have yet to her a BA song where he doesn't sound sincere. I'll admit, at first I was hesitant about this album because usually after a rocker has made albums for 30 years they lose a certain something with the new albums. Take Eric Clapton for example. He is my favorite musician, but his laid back on stage attitude combined with his new lack of musical creativity (didn't write one song on his new album, all covers but 2) has made him very stale. That's what I was afraid of with this but alas it is not true. The same spark from the "Reckless" album can be found in some of the songs on this album. The chorus on "Broken Wing". Simply stunning. Definitely worth a listen or if you're a BA fan WHO LIKES ALL HIS WORK then go ahead and trust me on this. It's good!
  • He Is Back and Just As Amazing!

    By akaJosielou
    I love this album! I love his work...it's about time he came out with another album! and it's just as good if not better then some of his other work.
  • Still Got It!

    By Ragingbooshbag
    This guy is great. He is probably one of the most under-rated musicians of our time. I heard this on iTunes and knew I had to have it. I definitely recommend it. A Little mellower than some of his other stuff, but still worth a listen.
  • Comeback

    By dude8001
    Bryan Adams takes the hint of his 90's and 80's rock and mixes it into his newfound music. Granted, his lyrics lack a little bit in this album, and that can be a bummer. But man when it comes straight to the music, this album will tear you to shreds. Bryan Adams is releasing his 11th full album and it's a keeper. He has released a few bummers but this CD is definately not one of them. Keith Scott and Mickey Curry make a perfect mix in with Bryan Adams Hot Tracks: I Ain't Losin The Fight, Oxygen, Broken Wings, Mysterious Ways, She's Got A Way
  • sounds like shania twain and songwriting is embarrasing

    By 1TB
    I'm a big fan of BA for 26 yrs and just saw him play live (acceptable performance) He needs and get rid of producer/songwriter Mutt Lange.(produces shania twain and married to her) Whatever happened to Adams/Vallance team? I wish he wouldn't use a pitch corrector on his voice (an electronic effect singers use live and in the studio) because it takes the realness away (hello!!!!!) You need good songs Bryan!
  • Great Album

    By unitedsilverstar
    Do yourself a favor and get this album. One of the best albums released this year. Every song will hit the charts. He still has the same great sound at age 49. This guy can rock, he will pack the stadiums and rock any venue. Get ready for a great music experience and fire up the ipod. BA keep the awesome tunes coming!!!
  • Adams Rocks The House!

    By beachboy5
    Dude i saw him at the grand opera house last night and he is the most incredible person and he sounds just like the cd. i definatly recomend seeing him in concert. Bryan Adams!!!!!!
  • Old School Bryan

    By fergwebdotcom
    "Reckless" was more or less a perfect, definitive pop rock collection from the 80s. This album isn't "Reckless" (nor would I want/need a repeat) BUT this is a vintage Byan Adams sound. This collection of songs reflect all the reasons we all became fans to begin with. It's new without being anything other than familiar and comforable. If you like BA, you'll thoroughly enjoy this album. And unlike Huey Lewis (and I have ALL your CDs, brother---no disrespect), Bryan's voice sounds essentially the same--ageless.
  • Its about time!

    By naluzup
    Love the music, love "the man", happy that he is back recording the music I grew up loving. When I saw him on American Idol it took my breathe away, I realized how much I missed listening to his voice. His lyrics are simple and easily understood, something that one can sing along to, in public...without getting arrested for using profanity=) This is Rock-N-Roll as I remember, and love!!!
  • It's the "Reckless" of the 2000

    By amosprync
    Great B.A. album. Back to the origins. Great Rock n' Roll and ballad combination.

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