Show Me What You Got


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2006-10-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:32

Music Video


  • C'mon Jay!

    By dmbazile
    Cool track, but the video is a rip off of Cosmic Girl (Jamiroquai) and Mission Impossible with Thandie Newton!
  • This is hot

    By XMizzy
    I love this song. I love the orchhestral beat and the jazzy tune. Feels like Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince from the 90's. love the Italian cars, and btw, that's not in Italy, That's Monte Carlo in Monaco, a small country right next to Italy. Don't know how Jay could afford a Zonda though, had to be rented... Don't care, it's still great!
  • nice classic jazz feel mixed with hiphop

    By Pinochio_laden
    jay-z is the blood keepin hip-hop alive. keep doin ya thing jay-Z
  • Could Jay-Z be the real James Bond?

    By Thorough Report
    That would be tight if that were to happen, by the way. But this video reminds me a lot of many Bond 007 movies. What do you think?
  • Jay-Z Great Job

    By Mr. Billboard Magazine
    This is a video that is a must have!! Great comeback!!
  • I just noticed...

    By MyNameIsJames
    Yeah, I'm not sure how many hip-hop listeners are also fans of motorsports, but Dale Earnhart, Jr. (of nascar) is the one driving Jay-z around, and they pass a car driven by Danica Patrick (Indy car) at the beginning of the video. Five stars to Jay for reaching out to race fans, a market largely untapped by rappers that has been dominated by metal bands for far too long.
  • exellent

    By abeeve
    this song combined with this video is great. like another person said it is like a james bond movie type in almost 4 minutes. its got pretty woman, boats, cars, and nething else u culd need in a vid. get it enjoy it cherish it u will like it.
  • rap

    By deezer mister
    very nice song
  • Don't call it a comeback... even though it is.

    By Peg-Leg
    This is the Jigga-man at his best. When I found that he was comin back I was on the edge of my seat. Then, at AOL Music, where I first heard this song, I swear to god I have never been more blown away in my life EVER! Jay-Z, welcome home!
  • This wuaz AMAZING!!!!!!

    By jjavallone
    I loved i thought that it was creative and Jay-Z brought it.

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