As I Lay Dying

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2005-05-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:22

Music Video


  • "Confined" - As I Lay Dying

    By music_man_19
    This is probably one of my most favorite AILD songs, and this music video really fits with the song in my opinion. The video's a lot of fun to watch and it's overall pretty simple to understand. Shadows Are Security is my favorite AILD album, so if you like this song, go listen to "Through Struggle" and "The Darkest Nights." Thanks for reading :)
  • Rain

    By fanboy13
    The rain makes it intense and amazing

    By Яапdфм ме
    As I Lay Dying rocks hard core man, they are my favorite band ever I love all their song and this is an awesomness video!!!! :D
  • Great video!

    By stix18
    This is another great video by as i lay dying but they came out with a new album called the powerless rise which is great! But there is a song on that album called parrallels which is a good song. They made a video for it and it is probably their best video yet. Itunes: it would be great if you got that video on here. It is really awesome! If they do get it on here i highly reccamend buying it! Its really great!
  • Awesome video!!!

    This video is crazy like the song!!
  • Nothing short of amazing

    By The Solemn One
    I love the rain, it really captures the band's chaotic (Yet completely pwning) movements. I also love how they use a quick switch effect to switch the foucs to another band member instantaneously, great song also! Here are the best parts of this vid from least to greatest 10. Awesome Song 9. Special effects rock 8. The design is done really well 7. It's believeable 6. Chaotic movements are sick 5. Video showcases song meaning 4. Swaying drenched dreadlocks complete this video 3. A good picture of EACH band member throughout the video 2. Quick switch effect clearly demonstrates chaotic movements 1. The Rain So buy it right now
  • sounds like BFMV (Bullet For My Valentine)

    By X.x.VAMP.x.X
    these guys remind me of bullet for my valentine but anyways...if you like screaming and long hair guys that look really hot TOTALLY buy this video....u will be hooked onto them once you hear it!
  • if there was a no stars rating i would choose that

    By ilovepoe
    wow. possibly the worst song i have ever heard. you have to wonder how anyone who sings like that could consider themselves talented because to me it sound like the death of a thousand orangutans.
  • Awesome!!

    By the_almost
    This is new metal at its best!!
  • Who wants to Mosh?

    By XxTheWallflowerxX
    Seriously, this vid. made we want to mosh with someone the moment I watched it. This video is chock full of strained vocal cords, drenched bodies and instruments, and wind-blown dreadlocks. That's all I really have to say.

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