The Sound of Truth

As I Lay Dying

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-01-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:23

Music Video


  • The sound of truth...

    By Thunderkat76
    Sounds like a dying moose...with his colorful tattoos...
  • Pretty good

    By Bobert the Unwise
    I am not too big a fan of the solid screaming type of metal, but I have to say this song is decent.
  • Holy Balls

    This is by far my favorite song/video. But to understand it you have to watch the video Nothing Left then this one
  • Disappointed

    By bryanfuel
    This is one of my favorite songs of all time but this video makes no sense and its not very good. :/
  • Part 2-The rebellion of the infected

    By Music Phanactical
    Once again, nothing 2 do with the song, but a great sequel 2 the epic video for "Nothing Left". It continues at the exact moment pt 1 ended and as the guard prepare 2 kill the infected woman, a race of other infects kill the guards. The infects rebel across the town, and 2 of the dictators guards r discovered 2 be the leaders of the infected and capture the dictator. He is sent to court and is about 2 be convicted guilty when his gloves fall off and they see he's infected as well. End of story. I recommend buying it for entertainment purposes and for good music.
  • hells yea...but i noticed one defect in this video...

    By chief 101
    how come in this video its pouring rain and nobody is wet?their aint wet their clothes arent wet.wat the heck?otherwise awsome video
  • Amazing Video!

    Another great video!!!!! This is probably my favorite AILD song and the video is amazing the futuristic stuff and everything is awesome you need to buy the whole An Ocean Between Us album there isn't a song that disappoints
  • Great Video

    By Silverbullets
    It's always good seeing bands who know their literature. That being said, the song lyrics don't really seem to suit the Nineteen Eighty-Four visuals. It's really just another metal band complaining about how the subculture has become the norm. Boring message, but I can't fault them for paying the bills. To answer another commentor's question (I just couldn't resist): #1 the video is about the stuff I just said, and #2 they're not a christian band, and I'm surprised it took boobies for you to realize that. They may have christian members, but they don't self-identify as a christian band.
  • to answer JESUS4LIFE's question to this video.

    By Godandhockey5
    hey JESUS4LIFE, to answer your question about this video, this is a sequel to the song/video of "Nothing Left", watch that video and youll understand. coming from a strong Christian, the video is slightly suggestive but nonetheless i think that you should still watch it. a brief summary of Nothing Left: the woman wakes up and discovers that she is infected with a disease which she will be executed for, if uninfected people find out that she is in fact infected. but people find out and she is going to be condemned, and that is where that video ends and this one starts up. the videos really have a good underlying message. the disease in the video is kind of like Christianity in real life; non-Christians treat Christianity like a disease sadly., which in todays society Christians get slammed and "condemned" or criticized for their faith. but we still fight for what is right. and that is exactly what the woman does. she fights for her "faith". i like how these videos have a good metaphore. hope this helps!
  • Sweet song but what is the music video about?

    By danieltaylor12
    Hey i really like this song but what is the music video about. The lady in it isn't dressed, so i dont want to watch it till i know about and that they dont show too much. I know they are a christian band, but it doesnt hurt to be careful. so if someone could write a review saying what it is about that wouuld be great. thanks and god bless

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